👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Go boyfriend.

My boyfriend made me come SO HARD last night. We had sex twice and both times made my toes curl. I love when he’s on top and he pumps into me hard when he’s coming- I love the feeling of pleasing him with my body. I also love knowing that he’s coming inside of me- obviously he’s wearing a condom, but just knowing that he’s coming inside of me and because of the pleasure he’s getting from me is a huge turn on. But then we switched and I was on top. It’s always deeper when I’m on top. O.M.G. I came so hard. It’s hard to get me off because I’m a girl and I require so much clit stimulation. But him thrusting into me while I was bouncing on him. It was perfect.  He is perfect. We’ve been having a lot more sex lately and I’m thankful for it. I LOVE having sex with him. ❤️


Guys always think girls don’t like sex as much as they do. WRONG. If she doesn’t want sex from you, then she doesn’t want sex with you at all. 

Girls are just as sexually active as men if the sex is good. 

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