[213] ~*Tue – 03/06/18*~

[10:16 am]

My day off and I’m already out of bed. This is crazy!

I didn’t write last night cause I didn’t have time. What a night! First, we should start by the beginning of the day. Since I didn’t have a client in the morning I woke up at like 10:45 am. I had been looking at the time for a lil while cause I was expecting a call from the guy who backed into my car. In the end, he never called. When I got up, hub called the insurance to make a claim. While he was doing so, I really didn’t felt like going to work for the four hours I had to do. I was debating on cancelling but I felt terrible for doing so. I finally decided to cancel. They couldn’t look at the car yesterday so we went out for lunch since I had cancelled my client. We took my friend with us. I couldn’t make up my mind between the pizza place or Chinese. Hub seemed to really want to go to the Chinese place so that’s where we finally went but I think I should of went to the pizza place cause I didn’t enjoy my lunch that much. Oh well! We dropped off my friend to her place and came back home and I went back to bed until 6 pm cause I had to work at the store at 6:30. What a mess at the store! Can’t wait for this reset to be done.

After work, me and my friend were going to the Casino and for some reason hub had said he wanted to come with us. I had found that very fishy cause he never comes with us. I called home after work and he was still in bed (he didn’t answer the phone) so I called my friend and told her we’d go to Jack’s first and then we would go wake him up and go to the Casino. I went and got my friend and when I was driving to Jack’s she was asking where we were going so I told her I had said we were gonna go to Jack’s first and that I didn’t understand why hub wanted to come to the Casino with us as he never comes and we mostly always go on Mon’s. I got to Jack’s and then my friend started acting up. I was so damn confused of why she was doing so and then she was like “You’re gonna make me screw this up. Why are you doing this to me? We NEED to go get your husband and go to the Casino.”. She was very overwhelmed and upset so we went and got my husband which by the time, was out of bed and in front the PC. I asked him why he wanted to come with us and he was like “I can stay home if you don’t want me to go.”. “Ermm.. okay?!”. So off to the Casino we went, when we were walking to the entrance, I could see my mom and her friend with a Happy Bday balloon. I sooo knew something was up when she started acting up and hub wanted to come with us. I had also suggested the Casino for brunch in the morning and she didn’t seem to want us to go there and this was why she wanted us to go so damn bad after work. My mom had came to surprise me. My friend sorta gave it away cause of my screwing up the plans. Bouhaha! But it was still nice and very sweet of my mom to be coming for my Bday cause I didn’t expect anything at all.

We got to the Casino around 10 pm and played until past 2 am. Crazy night! None of us won anything beside mom. That darn lucky lady! We weren’t all playing together so mom called me TWICE to say she was winning. Winning is nothing to her thought cause she ends up putting it all back in the machines but at least it keeps her going and she’s not spending her own money.

Mom and her friend had rented a hotel room at the Casino so after we were done playing we went to see the room. While we were walking to the hotel I saw these massage chairs that you could use for $1 so I was all excited and told my friend to come try it with me. HUGE MISTAKE! It was horrible and painful. I don’t understand how you’re supposed to sit back and relax cause dang, it wasn’t enjoyable at all. I was laughing the whole three mins cause it was just horrible. We were both in pain when we got up. My sides were cramping so damn bad. Horrible I say! Never again, I learned my lesson and felt so damn bad to have made my friend go through that. I thought I was doing a good thing.

We stayed in the hotel room for like half an hour and then left to go eat at McDonald’s. We got home it was almost 4 am. Of course when we got home I started puking that damn mucus. I’m so very tired of it. I puke quite a bit and I was still full. I started in the upstairs bathroom and thought I was done so I went downstairs but had to use the bathroom there as well. I went to bed and had such a hard time. I want it gone so badly. I need to try to call a clinic today. I also didn’t sleep too well cause I wanted to get up this morning to see my mom so I didn’t take a pill. They had said they were gonna get up at 7 am which I had plan to do as well but there was no way I was getting up so I decided to set my alarm for 10 am. I called her and they were just getting up in the end. They were going back to the Casino to each play $40 (so they say) and then going to the buffet. After that they are going to Jack’s and I’ll be meeting them there. I’m not going to the Casino cause I don’t like the food they are serving on Tue’s.

I just called my mom to see if they would go eat somewhere else instead so I could meet them and eat with them. She said she’d ask her friend once she finds her. Lol! So I guess I have to wait and see if I’ll be eating with them or not.

Anyways, I have a few things I’d like to get done today and I don’t know if I will. I might end up going back to bed since I didn’t really sleep during the night. I need to take a shower tonight and wash my hair cause I didn’t do that last night. Talking about shower, my cat is really too cute. The other night I wasn’t gonna take a bath cause I was tired but my cat kept asking for one so I decided to take one. My cat is now expecting me to take a bath at night. So cute! She kinda was looking for one last night but I was like “Heck no!”.

My mom and my bro were sweet. Mom emailed me at like 12:02 am to say Happy Bday and my bro texted me at like 12:08 am to say the same. I normally always stay up and wish people Happy Bday at midnight so I thought it was nice of them to do the same. I was expecting my friend to also do it as I had called her at midnight on her Bday but I only got an email from her at like 10 am.

Now since I’m up, I should catch up on shows that I didn’t watch last night and play a bit on my farming game cause I neglected it last night. It sucks cause the book I’m currently reading, I wasn’t sure about it at first but I started getting into it. Of course it’s due tomorrow and I’m only at like page 80 so I’m no where near the end of it and I can’t renew it cause someone has a hold on it. Arg! That said, I will have to bring it back tomorrow and put a hold on it and wait three weeks to get it back so I can keep reading it. Blah! 

Alright, I think I’ve done enough writing. This is a very long entry.

Oh.. I’m not done cause I just thought of something else. Mom gave me $20 and said it was from my godfather which was my big bro. I didn’t realize, I thought she took it from the money she got from his passing from the insurance but it was the $20 he had in his wallet. She said it might be lucky. I just couldn’t bring myself to play it. It’s silly but I kinda want to hold on to it. I had told myself I’d play it today at Jack’s but I’m not sure about it.

I’ve also got a gift from my dad which is also on the other side. My friend and mom were sitting side by side playing and I looked at the next machine over and there was a $20 sticking out the machine. I took it and thanked my dad for the Bday gift. How can someone just leave money sticking out the machine?! Why did it have to be right there beside where my mom was playing?! Why did I have to be the one to see it?! So yea, I believe it was a gift from my dad. Not bad, I’m getting money from dead people. Hehe!

So I had an awesome Bday even thought I didn’t get any cake. When I got up hub was looking into getting a cake from DQ but I told him it was too late to order one, if he wanted to get me one he would of had to order a few days ahead of time. Duh! He said we could go over there and just get one that’s already made but meh, didn’t really felt like cake.

Okay, now I think I’m done. At least for now.




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