3/5/18 — Buckle Job Interview!!

Today I went to my job interview for the clothing store, Buckle. It went…alright. I was a tad nervous and stuttered a bit, but the hiring manager was pretty cool. It would have all gone smoothly if he didn’t ask me a few of the questions. To get to know me better he asked what my passion in life was. Me, not having any real passion in life, instinctively said “writing” and “wanting to be an author” but I haven’t thought about being a real author in years. He also asked me “what is fashion to you?” which I didn’t really know how to answer. It caught me off guard. Despite a whole lotta screw-ups, I think it went well. I definitely seemed to make a good impression.

I went home and eventually slept. I think I was asleep for a little over an hour, maybe longer. I went back to the mall to hang out with two of my friends, Alex and Preston. Alex is bi and Preston says he’s pansexual. Basically two guys I’ve crushed on in the past. Still kinda crushing on, actually. It was a pretty amazing day. Even if we did just spend most of the time walking from one end of the mall to the other, and talking. I like talking to these two.

I really hope I hear from Buckle soon. I need this job. Unlike most jobs, for this one apparently I work commission. So like, the more I sell the more money I make, and the less I sell, the less I make. Do I still make the minimum wage though? That part was unclear to me and I was too scatterbrained to ask questions.

Anyways, that’ll be all. Goodnight, journal.

9:29 PM 

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  1. fingers crossed for you!!! lol “goodnight, journal.” I see what you did there 😉

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