i just woke up and it is almost 5am, don’t ask me what woke me up, i have nothing to do today but still my there is this nagging voice in my head that wakes me up almost everyday at 5am! My life is more than boring, on top of that with my school and the fact that i finished all my exams and i am just sitting at home waiting for my results which are actually in 2 day, there is nothing i can do! Maybe it is because of my worrying about my results that i wake up early, i really don’t know, it could also be due to the fact that the guy i like isn’t texting or asking about me, although i told him to forget about me and forget i ever excited but he should understand that this isn’t what i really want. But don’t judge me i had a reason for telling him that, well although i told him many that i would not accept getting kissed by him or in fact any guy who doesn’t love me, he tried to kiss me even though he never told me he like me and whenever i asked him directly he said you are my best friend! Well i don’t really think best friends should be kissing, i got so angry because who does he think i am and why does he think it is okay to just kiss¬† me whenever he feels like it! Even thinking about him makes me angry about how he ruined all the amazing memories and long talks that we used to have! was i wrong to tell him not to speak to me again? was i overreacting??? Well anyways as i was saying i have absolutely nothing to do! We’ll see what happens…

3 thoughts on “A NEW DAY.. MAYBE A NEW BEGINNING..”

  1. Don’t ever let anyone take advantage of you, especially not someone who claims to be a friend. No one should be allowed to kiss you or do anything to you unless you give them permission. It’s okay to make that clear, or to stop being his friend if he made you uncomfortable. If you do want to be his friend again, make sure you firmly speak about your boundaries. Stay safe! Best of luck.

  2. But as each day passes i gets really hard, i miss him so much! we have known each other for about 3 years! i cant say that he was the best of friends, in fact sometimes he ignored me when i needed him the most! does this make me stupid?
    thank you so much i appreciate your advice.

  3. Best of luck for your results! I’m a student too and I know how nerve wracking it can be

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