I am oh, so happy tonight!  Today I finished my second novel.  I have been working on it for decades, literally.  It is good and I am so grateful to God.  And so glad to have it done and finished!  Now comes the hard part of getting it published and advertised.  My first novel never got much further than my kitchen table because there was no way, no avenue, to market it.  People don’t know it exists.  I may use a Vanity Press I used for my inspirational book, because they give you a copyright and an ISBN number and place your books in Barnes and Noble and on Amazon.  But it costs a lot of money.  still, they did a splendid job on every aspect—cover, content, picture of me on the back, etc.  It’s all very exciting.  This 2nd novel is 236 pages long.  I wish everyone could read it and talk to me about it!  I am hungry for feedback.  Anyhow I went to my Mom’s today and we had Cheetos and coke by way of a party to celebrate!  She is happy for me, God bless her! 

4 thoughts on “CELEBRATING”

  1. That sounds amazing! I’m so excited for you! What’s your book about and will you share it with us when it’s available for purchase? ^^

  2. Wow that is completely amazing news, I hope so much that you get the book published and it’s available on Amazon and everyone and can read it and yay 😀 Thank you btw for the comment you made on my latest entry, was appreciated more than you’ll ever really realise <3 I like reading a happy and excited post from you and that your mm is happy about it too, it's good it's making her so happy as well 🙂 🙂

  3. This is such wonderful news, @savedbygrace! We’re all so proud of and happy for you! I hope you get your book published; I’m sure it is wonderful after all of the hard work you put into it. Much love!!

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