i suck at captions,ik.

im here again after a day cuz im thinking to start writing on daily basis to keep anxiety at bay and to get it all out of my system and stay focused.  

so,here i am. what i did today?

got up early, had class at 8. got 5 minutes late to class. my instructor wasnt there yet. I opened MATLAB cuz dsp,well,it was not working as usual. i have been constantly telling the assistant to download it again. whenever i open it, it gives a missing .exe file error.  the last time i sat on someone’s “reserved seat”, i got in an argument with her cuz even tho she come at 9, she apparently want her seat,lol. inorder to avoid the argument i did something?

so, me being me? what i did was i changed my cpu with a girl’ who was not there yet, while my friend kept an eye on her group mates. i was saved,haha. i inserted tthr cables in the right port and got a working MATLAB!! yay! im so famous for doing thi kinds stuff in my class. then, the instructor texted me around 8:45 am to start our lab but we couldnt wrap our heads round it. so, he came at 9 and started class. we got free by 11. lab was completed n mailed to get printed. 

then i was free from 11-1 and had to take a coding workshop, which i skipped to get my lunch and do an assignment which is due tomorrow. and got it on a neat paper.  then had class from 1-3. i yawned a lot cuz i didnt sleep well. cuz of my sister’s continuous alarms ringing. it was irritating. the instructor let us go at 2:40 n i was at home by 3:15 and in bed by 4:30. then got uo around 8, tried to fall back asleep but couldn’t so got up around 9.,talked to my bff for sometime,ate, then i was filling my scholarship forms and now i’m here. 

have class at 9:30 tomorrow. gonna try to go thru my lectures. 


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