Meds and Beds

So I did a little bit of research, and I decided that I would try the anti-inflammatory medication first. I only took half of a dosage just to be extra careful because I’m small. So far, I can say that it helps a little. It doesn’t make the pain go all the way away, but it makes the pain bearable and the arm almost usable. If I touch the arm, I can still feel that it’s sensitive, but it doesn’t make me want to scream. There’s a little bit of relief there. I can probably use my arm for something while the effects are going on, but then it would go back to hurting like hell afterward. It’s still tight, and I can’t really open it up all the way. The doctor said I should move it some. I wanted to just “wrap it up” and keep it immobile, but he said I’m actually supposed to move it.

The pharmacist told me I couldn’t take these two items at the same time, so I might use this for a few days and try the corticosteroid a little later in the week. I have a feeling that it’s going to help a whole lot. I’ve heard good reports about those medicines from people who have similar symptoms. Plus I had to use one in the nasal spray form some years ago because of the symptoms of my allergies (nasal swelling, congestion, dryness, bleeding, running, sneezing). From what I can remember, it started to work after a few days, and it did wonders for my nose, but it had a mucus-related side effect that I didn’t like.

I still pray, and I hope that some more people will pray for me. I got my bike today, and it’s in pieces. I want to put it together so that I never have to walk to the store or post office again. I want to fix my car, too. The two things that I have to do are not that strenuous, but the transmission cooler line thing requires reaching. I don’t think I can extend the arm enough, which really sucks because no one in this town is really willing to help. Everyone claims to either be a mechanic or know a mechanic, but no person has actually come and fixed my car. What? This town of mechanics hasn’t gotten ‘er done yet?

I can do it. I just need my arm back.

Well, I’m getting sleepy. I’m hoping I can write a little more before I fall out.

OMG, I hear a baby crying. I didn’t even know anyone in my building had a baby. I want to go pick that baby up and hold it right now. In fact, I’m getting mad because it sounds like they’re just letting him/her cry. What the hell?!!

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