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Now I know why some victims say the police are freaking them out or never tell them anything.  I reported someone screaming they were being raped and a few other things and then the police asked if I was hearing things because they couldn’t catch anyone.  Not my fault if a large industrial business near me blasts my neighborhood with sound and turns it off when they see police in the area on their security cameras.  Not my fault if it’s hard to catch rapists and others committing crimes.  Today before I left home, some people from BJC showed up and said they heard I was having some issues.  Um, I told them it was a misunderstanding.  Fuck.  I’m going to call the lady back later today or tomorrow.  I don’t hear voices.  I’m not having mental health issues.  There are real crimes being committed and I understand it’s hard for the police to catch them, but it still doesn’t mean I’m crazy.  Gah. I’m so frustrated.  More problems.  Seriously, I was told if I call 911 again, I will be arrested.  Who the hell wouldn’t call if someone was yelling they were being raped and where?  Oh, that’s right, people in my high crime neighborhood.  *sigh*


Yesterday I threw up the little food I had after I got home.  Fun.  Now I’m at a restaurant using the free wi-fi and waiting for my veggie burger.  My dad brought me some dog food, toilet paper and some money so I don’t starve.  I didn’t think this could get worse.  I know most people in my neighborhood don’t report crimes but I didn’t think I would get punished or even chastised for doing my civic duty and trying to get someone help.


Uck.  I have respect for the police and I know their jobs are dangerous and difficult, but I did the right thing!


Poor other victims.  They need help.  Who is helping them and where are they?

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