Worked Wonders

I fell asleep shortly after I wrote last night, and when I got up, the anti-inflammatory was still working on my arm. I managed to put my bike together and take it for a ride to the post office to pick up my car part, which is a tiny idle air control valve. I’ve been trying to diagnose a strange idling situation for months, so I should understand how hard it is to diagnose things (or people).

I don’t have a computer to hook my car up to, so I have to do the old-school process of elimination and guess according to the symptoms that I hear when I listen to it. I do think that this piece is the piece that it needs, but I could be wrong. A bad EGR would cause the same issues, and so would a couple other things. I won’t know until I take the old one out and put this one on. It’s not a strenuous job, but the transmission cooler line connector is. That’s the part I’m worried about hurting my arm on. 

I’m going to take another one of these anti-inflammatories tonight since it says one every day, and I’m going to try to fix that car while the pain is minimal. I don’t know what I’m going to do after that. All I know is that the stuff made a huge difference. 

The bike ride was good for my cardiovascular system, but my butt hurt so bad by the time I got back. That was the hardest seat I’ve ever sat on in my life. I need a custom one with some more cushioning on it. Maybe some bubble wrap. 

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