Yea I know

Hello, my other journal website isnt online so I’ll be writing here again temporarily. I just faxed over another copy of the application for medical financial assistance to Kaiser Permanente. Hopefully it’ll help the process quicker because I called them yesterday and they said they didn’t receive it yet even though it’s almost been 3 weeks. The lady even said after two weeks it should’ve gone through by now. I’ll call them on Friday and see if they’ve received it yet. Been reading 1984. I just started and I’ve gotta read the appendix first because it seems like it’ll explain a lot in the story as I read it. So after I’m done with the appendix, I’ll continue the story. I’m never been a great reader, but Ive read a few books and enjoyed them and noticed my reading ability gets better as I read. I don’t have any specific favourites. I think I’d just like to read the classics and certain others.

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