3/6/18 — too lazy to come up with a title but it involves a BJ

Today I hung out with one of newest friends, Kolbi. I met him through Marcus. Not too long ago the two of us plus four others all smoked some weed together which was pretty awesome. We had been talking on Facebook on and off for the past few days, and decided we really wanted to hang out and actually interact with each other. Anyways, he’s bisexual. So immediately after he made plans to come hang, I already had ulterior motives planned out in my head.

After walking around the mall for a bit, Kolbi came by my house. The two of us relaxed in my room. It was a tad awkward at first. I mean, I had just met him not too long ago and we hadn’t even spoken in person until now. But we kept messing around. He had me in a headlock, at one point he got on top of my back and dry humped my ass, all things that reeeeaallly turned me on. Eventually we both gave each other blowjobs. Neither of us ejaculated but we still enjoyed ourselves.

I’m kind of in love with his dick, too! It was the perfect size and tasted pretty good. I licked around the tip of the head, sucked on the sides of the shaft, and deepthroated. I loved hearing him quietly moan. I loved hearing him tell me how it felt amazing. He returned the favor. At first his teeth kept catching my skin, but after he got in the groove and began deepthroating, it felt amazing. At one point I caught myself thrusting into his throat. Thankfully I didn’t hurt the poor guy.

When he had to leave, I went to play a round of Pump at the mall when Marcus showed up. Of course I’d hang out with both he and Kolbi in the same day, just not at the same time. I went back to my house and took the tiny bag of what little weed was left from me and Dwayne, and me and Marcus smoked it. So I spent the rest of the day high. For a small amount, it definitely affected me more than I was expecting. Marcus and I left the mall, hung out at his friend’s apartment complex for a little while, and then I ended up walking back home.

Stayed around the mall for maybe thirty more minutes. Ran into Marissa and Alvin, and then Turner. Not long after I went home. Ate me three slices of pizza, some chips and then a fudge round. I definitely had the munchies and I’m still hungry!

I don’t know if Kolbi and I will continue fooling around. If we do, it won’t always happen, because he doesn’t want to have sex all the time. Which I can respect. Next time we hang out together it’ll probably be with Marcus and/or somebody else.

Also, to end the journal kind of on a sad note, my great grandma, my dad’s mom’s mom, passed away earlier today. I wasn’t exactly the closest to her out of all my family members, but she was still my grandma and I loved her. She was in her mid-to-late eighties I think. But for some reason I didn’t have much of a reaction. I don’t feel sad. It’s kind of an empty feeling. Like I expected this to happen. I’m kind of relieved though…isn’t that fucked up? My grandma, my aunt and uncle, and my cousin took care of that poor old woman all day long. They refused to let her live in an old folk’s home. She had severe Alzheimer’s which made taking care of her difficult. Now that she’s dead, my family doesn’t have to put everything on hold for her. I feel terrible for thinking like this. I feel emotionless when it comes to death in the family.  

Hopefully I’ll sleep soon. Night, journal.

9:38 PM

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