3:38 am

i have a quiz tomorrow i really dont want to study cuz even tho i only have to revise them,it feels like i have forgotten errything, why???? cant focus. 🙁 

i read the slides, i what they mean, but when i start to revise my mind goes blank..

idk whats up. according to me, nothing should be but my nightmares are really getting to get on my nerves. when i start slipping into one, my mind knows and i try to come back. sometimes i do n sometimes i don’t.

also, im not gonna talk about things that only matter to me or things only im interested to say. cant afford ur nonchalance on some matters. also, i need to have a bit better will power not be a piece of shit. i really don’t like it. 

these days,im feeling like im not myself and i doooonntt want to talk about it with anyyyonnee, so dont even bother to bring it up. also, i need to stop reading some stuff,some journals here. im gonna try,yes! thats lots of alsos, i should stop. 



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