be my roomie?

So lately I’ve been hella stressed with roommate hunting. I’ve cried with my head in Jordan’s lap far too many times this week. It’s really not as easy to find a roommate as it seems. I’ve done EVERYTHING! Craigslist…facebook groups…I even paid for one of those stupid roommate apps. And I’ve been let down countless times. There’s always a problem. One person wanted to and then got his hours cut but couldn’t afford it. One person was too picky about the neighborhood and only wanted to live in $2000 apartments when I’m looking more at $900 for a 3 bed (around $700-750 max for a 2 bed) sidenote: I live somewhere much cheaper than most people. The only bright side of living in this windy snowy shithole. Yet, unfortunately it still doesn’t feel cheap when you only make $11 an hour..

Finally I think I found someone promising. Her name is Brittney. She posted in the roommate app AND on craigslist. She’s 22 and she has a cat. I had found a super big and beautiful place BUT it doesn’t allow cats. So as soon as I read that I was quick to make it work. I offered to look at different places with her and she was all for it. We both work full time and she doesn’t look like someone super uptight. I know looks can be deceiving but do you know what I mean? Don’t you ever just look at a picture and think you know quite a bit already. I’m not looking to throw parties or anything. But I don’t wanna live with someone who’s gonna freak out if I have alcohol in the fridge or play drinking games with a few friends every 2 months or so. I’m only 19 (20 on the 31st!) so some people might bitch about it being “against the law.” Honestly, fuck the law. If people my age can drink in Canada, I should be able to drink in the US. Can’t the drinking age be 16? Or the very least 18. When you’re an adult you should have complete say in what you consume. ANYWAY. me and brittney have a tour on Saturday!

On another note, one of my kids got his final warning for biting today. If he bites one more time he gets a 3 day suspension. Which means he can’t come to daycare for 3 entire days. And if he bites 2 times within a week period, he’s out for good :0

Me and Jordan just got done cleaning our apartment. Cleaning is no fun but it feels so good when you get to see the finished product! 🙂 i feel accomplished!! in an hour were gonna make some popcorn and watch phantom menace

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  1. Glad that you may have found a potential roommate! I hope all goes well for you guys! Also I totally agree with the whole age thing regarding alcohol. As a 19 year old, turning 20 in June, I am classified as an adult and should be able to consume alcohol without getting in trouble for it. Speaking of, I need to drink again sometime soon hehe XD

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