Fuck family

Honestly, I hate some of my family they are the root of almost all my problems. I don’t know how people love all their family members I really don’t, I only love two people in my family and the rest I don’t care about. I can’t wait to move out and never talk to anyone and be alone and get away from the problems they surround themselves in all the time. I don’t get why you have to love everyone in your family either they don’t deserve my love and affection.My family is so concentrated on their self-loving they don’t care about anyone else. Plus how can you love someone from just looking at them, I never got a decision on loving them I was told from the start I had to love them and now I don’t. I know I don’t get to choose who my family is but I can choose if I want to talk or even surround myself with them when I’m older and I don’t. They can fuck off I really don’t care but until I’m eighteen I’m going to hold my breath, smile and bite my tongue. 

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