I’m supposed to be studying for my chem test tomorrow but I just can’t help but binge watch videos on youtube. Hell, I went from watching a video on how to calculate the magnetic moment to watch Lana Del Rey’s live performances. It’s not that I lack any motivation or anything but I’m motivated for all the wrong reasons. Like, I know that if I don’t study now I’m going to end up being jobless down the road and everyone’s going to look down upon me and shit like that.

I also hate the fact that I feel so guilty for almost everything I do, like what even. I also spent about an hour reading other stuff on wattpad. It sucks being a perfectionist since I’m scared to do anything. I procrastinate till the end, realize I have major shit to do, start  panicking, pull off an all nighter, cry, regret all my life choices and do the same thing all over again. It’s exhausting really. And nobody fucking understands how my silly mind works. Ugh.

I’m gonna go study now. 

2 thoughts on “Procrastinating”

  1. @Phantom Yup! I’m a hardcore procrastinator. I know that many people procrastinate too, but mine is at an unhealthy level. And so many people expect a lot from me so it can get a tad bit overbearing. I’ll definitely give the book a go after my exams are done!

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