Keep circling those walls

A FB friend just posted this:  “Is there something you’ve stopped praying for, stopped believing in? It’s too soon to give up! Keep standing on the promises of God. Keep praying for the miracle. Keep going after that God-given dream. Keep circling Jericho!”

Never stop praying!!! Most of our bible study tonight was about prayer. I asked some difficult questions about prayer and God’s will. I received some really good insight. For instance… what if it is God’s will for my family to be apart??  SO am I praying/believing for no reason. One man gave me good insight. He said that Gods’ will is for families to be together. I know that certain things had to transpire in each of our lives to make a good marriage. The next thing that I ask myself is if there is a power in heaven to overcome her will?? Yes there is!!! Jonah got swallowed by a whale!! Now, I would not want anything bad to happen to my bride but when there is no way for man, God can make a way. Now, last night was awesome. I got another token from recovery group. I had some of my family and friends there to support me. There is no greater boost than to have a good support group who laughs with you, crys with you, prays with you and believes in you. I know that God uses the least of us. He cannot use the proudful or those who do not humble themselves before him. We have some guys coming from a halfway house in Charleston. When I heard that I was like….. I need to be a part of that. Lord, send me to do your will. I will never allow my life to plateau and crash. I will forever be humble at your feet. Thank you for seeing greatness in me. Not only is my soul thankful but my family needs it and so does the world. I will infect this world w/ your grace and goodness!!! I miss my best friend and I will continue to walk around these walls until they crumble!!! She might not know it yet but my family is relying on me to continue to keep believing for restoration. People will stand in awe at what the Lord has in store for my family. It’s time to silence the nay sayers!! I have been guilty of having foolish thinking and have had my lips closed. God works that way. He will humble us. I am in complete forgiveness mode for everyone including my bride. She needs my forgiveness. I need hers. I was just thinking earlier…… what I would give to be able to put my arm around her as she is falling asleep and kiss the back of her neck. I would hold her tight to let her know that I will always be here for her and will never let go of her. In addition, I will be an asset to her greatness. We will conquer and prevail!! 

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