Marching Forwards

The end of February, the beginnings of a new month, it seems the year is going fast already but there are some things I can’t wait for .. like the blossom on the trees and this study course to end.

We had our work ‘non Christmas’ meal, called such because the organisation pays per head for individuals to go out as part of their teams in celebration of the season and our team were a little late so I gave it a new nickname .. we went to Nandos, bonus as it was local to my home and planned on my day off .. we ate chicken, drank wine and giggled like five females on a girlie night out .. the guys couldn’t make it and I can’t say they were missed.

Since then its been a couple of weeks of ups and downs and mixed emotions possibly due to the season of dragged out cold, dark mornings consistently repeated come mid afternoon ..

One of our clients at work took their own life .. kind of unexpected as although they had come to us with the thoughts of suicide, their intention was not to act upon them as their daughter was due to marry in a couple of months from now .. such devastation for those left behind ..

Following this I had four days off already scheduled but in hindsight a much needed break to gather my sense of self in life away from work ..

I met up with a friend for some much needed social time and bought another pair of knee high black boots for less than £20 .. we had dinner in a casual pub where I chose sausage and mash for a total change and shared a bottle of wine whilst the winter olympics played out in the background, I only ever seemed to catch the curling which isn’t as exciting to me as skiing, sleighing or my favourite figure skating .. at some point my friend decided to tell me I seemed pissed off and agitated lately and I wasn’t talking to her .. so I took myself out for a cigarette definitely feeling agitated now, I walked back in, changed into my new boots and thought fuck you, yh I guess that makes me sound a little pissed but sometimes I just feel unappreciated .. I ordered a coffee and we parted still friends ..

I haven’t done much coursework, I needed a break .. I listened to music and watched some movies instead .. The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo which I really enjoyed and will watch again .. Trainwreck, a comedy romcom which gave me a few giggles .. Big Eyes, a biopic about the artist Margaret Keane I found quite interesting and I kind of liked some of the art she produced.

This time last week the weather media were talking about ‘The Beast From The East’ bringing arctic temperatures and snowfall courtesy of Siberia, I always knew Russia was cold but yh those temperatures hit with a raw wind stinging the flesh of faces exposed within minutes of the outside air .. this was followed by Storm Emma traveling up from Portugal bringing with it more snow leaving a blanket of white flakes so pretty and bright .. I left my footprints before a weekend of rain washed it all away.

This week I am off, using up the remainder of my annual leave with the quote ‘use it or lose it’, well thats not an option that needs any consideration .. I have not made plans other than to get organised and catch up on my studies .. lets see how that goes.

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