New approach

So, I decided to not react to Kings temper tantrums and so far it has been working out well.  He stomps and yells and calls names (he refers to me by my gutter trash sisters name). I’ve told him that I thought he may be cranky and might need a nappy. I’ve asked him if he needed a snack. I’ve even handed him a tampon cause I figured he was mansturaring.  He gets red in the face, tries harder to get me mad, storms off to the room and puts himself in time out.  I babysit 3 kiddos under 3 and I have been talking to King the way I would talk to one if them. So far, he has lost steam within a day. 

He still has the urge to pick some bullshit fight.  This morning it was about the Beastlies making oatmeal at his spot on the table. He swears up and down that they left oatmeal in his spot yesterday.  I asked him several times if he is thinking of another day. He got pissed that I was defending my spawn. “YES..I know what oatmeal is and I know what day it is”

Okay…the boys had CEREAL yesterday AND, I cleaned that table several times because I was making sourdough there…soooooooo


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