Song of the Day: Make It To Me by Sam Smith 

James was sitting alone, eating soup and scrolling through his cellphone. The room full of chatter and clinging forks hitting plates. Through all the chaos of lunchtime rush the He hears a familiar name in his three-year search.  “Sarah” a cashier calls over the PA. James slowly looks up.

James’ heart is racing as she eats her lunch. Sitting just one table away is a bit too much.  She unpacks her lunch, his eyes do the same.

She removes her jacket revealing her nice tanned arms. James pretends not to admire but they eventual lock eyes.

Both faces show signs of awkward behavior.

Sarah’s heart begins to race as after having made eye make contact. Doing everything but eating.  She says to herself “I’ve seen those eyes”.

Sarah has dreamt about James but knows she cannot say a word. It is not because she’s shy but because too many people have tried to fix her, when in fact she just need someone to understand.

Monsters entered her life and left it in despair. Not even she could convince herself that she wasn’t beyond repair.  

As James looked away from her warming eyes he has a story too.

For weeks he’s dreamt too. Her smooth midnight hair, her tanned beautiful tanned arms, and a smile so subtle but you knew the world was a better place when she smiled. She was a daisy among a field of weeds. She was treasured story in a book of empty words.  Though her looks proved she was in a room with no competition. The dreams he dreamt were of what makes a person a person.

James says to himself “I must” as he prepares to bring his dreams to reality

Sarah nonchalantly act as if she’s not watching his every movement.

Enroute to Sarah James thinks to himself. “I’ve been broken too many time. This dream is all I have left”

James passes by Sarah without saying a word.

Sarah now truly sitting alone thinks to herself. “ One day my dreams will be better than my reality”.

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