apartment number 5 was up late again last night

i could only tell because of the scraping. there’s these long scraping noises that go for hours. i don’t know where they come from in the apartment, but they’re loudest for me when i’m in bed, so that’s probably where they come from. the bedroom

i’ve never been inside any of the apartments here in all the years i’ve lived in the building though so maybe the layouts are different. i don’t even know who lives there, or if anyone does. maybe it’s just animals. i wouldn’t be surprised. i only know where it’s coming from because danny went upstairs and figured out what apartment was above mine

i tried complaining to the landlord but he never picks up. i would’ve thought i had the wrong number but he always manages to call if the rent bounces

hopefully something happens. i’d hate to have to move again y’know.

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