Short Fuse

Introducing medication to the body is always weird. That’s why I wanted to wait before I tried the second medicine to see what side effects I was going to get. So far it looks like my kidneys are not responding very well to the anti-inflammatory drug.  I’m starting to retain water again already. The second side effect is that I have a really short fuse today, lol. Stuff that I normally let go over my head really piffed me off bad today.  I know that’s not me. Also, I read the reviews on the medication. Other people had side effects such as anxiety, brain fog, abdominal cramps, and so on, so it’s not just me. Most people had a good experience with it, though. It helped a lot of people who were dealing with osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, disc issues and so forth. The stuff has three to four-star ratings, so it’s not a horribly bad drug. It’s just not perfect.

It’s called Meloxicam, and I can tell that my “perfectly functioning” kidneys don’t like it. I weigh myself every day and stay on top of my symptoms, so I can tell when something’s different. My stomach swelled up last night, which is a symptom that I haven’t had in weeks. I gained two mysterious pounds since I’ve been taking it, too.

The bad part about all this is that the medicine DOES work for whatever is wrong with my arm. It almost completely knocks out all the pain, and it allows me to do things that I wouldn’t normally be able to do without screaming. So I’m left with the choice of whether to keep taking it at the expense of some more of my kidney function or stop taking it and be unable to do anything productive (except bite people’s heads off). Sucks right? Welcome to the imperfect world of medication. I haven’t even gotten into taking the corticosteroids yet. 


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