Sunny Days Wouldn’t be so Great if it Weren’t for Snow

Sunny Days Wouldn’t be so Great if it Weren’t for Snow

Some days are harder than others, the thought of you hurts in general.

Parts of me know this is for the best anyway… I think what I can’t get over is how physically attracted to you I am, and the way you make me laugh, your thickness, your pudge, and strength, i’ve always said you were my lumber jack.

You are a toxic person, the innocent lies, how you talk from your ass just to tell me the things you think i want to hear, when all i want to hear is the truth. the lies in general makes me think it’s better this way. if i don’t know the truth, how am i supposed to protect you, and stand next to you if i don’t know the truth, if you lie i want to lie with you. be a power house bonnie an clyde type shit. my ride or die.

no ones perfect but for you i was, or at least i tried to be. and at this point i made the decision  and i took action i ended it. for my own safety[talking about my heart]. i took action again and chose to get help and now taking medicine. this is day 2 maybe it’s in my head or maybe it’s helping me significantly because my levels were that out of whack. regardless spring is around the corner … better things are to come. 

thust far 2018 has made me speechless. 

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