We had sex this morning but this afternoon he couldn’t get it up.   He keeps saying it isn’t me when I’m sure it’s because I’m so ugly and fat.   He peed the bed again and I can’t get him up to move over or let me change the sheets.   He’s been so loving the past couple of days and telling me how wonderful I am in bed.   He even said he was getting kind of attached and loved what we had going on in bed.   Only problem is there doesn’t look like much will be going on in bed since he can’t get it up.   The bitch texted him that she’s pregnant.  (from before he started seeing me.)  Now I’m sure no matter what I do I’ll never have his heart.   My gut and my head are telling me to trust him that she no longer has a hold on him but if she’s pregnant he’s sure as hell not going to stay with me.   I’m sure enough he’ll go running to her and marry her to give the kid a father. I’m absolutely crushed.   There hasn’t been any chatter of her begging him to meet her or come to her.   He told me she was some crazed bitch but had her straightened out and they were just friends and texted back an forth.   I don’t have a problem with the fact that he had sexual partners before me but it’s crushing that he got her pregnant.   At least I won’t have to worry about tossing him out since I’m sure he’ll leave to marry her. 

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