[214] ~*Thu – 03/08/18*~

[3:14 pm]

Time has been going by way too fast the past few days. I have too many things to get done and not enough time. I just read my last entry, which was super long, to see where I had left off. Haha!

After writing on Tue, I went to Arby’s to meet my mom and friend to eat as they decided to come eat with me instead of eating at the buffet. That was nice! After we were done, we were meant to meet at Jack’s which is where I went. I thought mom’s friend new the city but apparently she didn’t and didn’t follow me as I left too quickly and got lost. Took them almost half an hour to get where we were supposed to meet as they went all the way to one end of town and then the other end. Gosh! I was trying to explain to them where to cut in the small streets to get back but they hit construction and I gave up. My mom only knew one way to get there so they had to drive a good way to hit the highway and make it. That said, by the time they finally made it, I had to leave cause I had an apt for my car.

I’m still waiting on a call to see when they can take it. The guy had said the parts would prob get there either today or tomorrow so my car will prob go in next week on Mon or Tue. I’m only getting a rental at that time but he said it was safe to drive my car, that the front wouldn’t fall off, so I’ve been driving it.

By the time I got back home, mom was already leaving to head back home. I had to wait till 5 pm to call the clinic and try to have an apt so I did some laundry, which is still in the basket and in the dryer. Arg! I also took my shower, dried my hair and straighten it as I knew I wouldn’t have the time to do it later in the evening. My hair is still doing very good. The purple is still bright and the redish is still doing good. I’m pretty pleased with it. I finally got a hold of the clinic after 20 mins of calling every two mins and got an apt for 7:20 pm. I left at like 6:30 pm cause I wanted to go at Jack’s before. I finally decided to play my big bro’s money but didn’t win anything. I then decided to play another $20 in another machine and was doing alright and wanted to make it to $40 but of course the closest I came was $39 so I finally took $35 out cause I had to leave. That said, I only lost $5 so not too bad.

The doc at the clinic gave me some antibiotic to take for a week and told me to start taking the nasal spray as well. If this doesn’t work, I need to see my family doc to get some x-rays done to figure out what’s going on. I really hope these pills will help. I just took the first one today.

After the clinic I went to the Casino hotel to see my mom’s friend and played a few games of Skip-Bo with her. I left from there it was about 11:30 pm. I got home, watched a show and headed to bed as I was very tired.

Wed was a messed up day. I had a client cancel so they give me a fill in. I got to my first client, she didn’t wanted to go to her apt so I left but then the office texted me to see if I could do another fill in which I did. So it was a left and right thing in the morning. I did 13 hrs in like 10 hrs so that’s good, I regained my four hours that I had lost on Mon. Hub was meant to go to the bank to sign some papers and send off the property’s taxes but he couldn’t just sign the papers, he needed an apt so he made one for next Tue. That said, he forgot to send the papers for the taxes. Blah him! He had also dropped off my prescription at the pharmacy and was meant to pick it up, he forgot. I wanted to pick it up last night after work but I ended up going to the Casino with my friend. I just felt blah, and when I do, I spend money. We went out to the buffet to eat and afterward I wanted to play $20 and gave her $20 to play but nada. I then tried another $20 and her $5 and still nothing. That said, I lost all the money I had left from what they gave me to play on my Bday. I hadn’t played it all but now it’s all gone. I still have the $150 my mom gave me but that I’m not gambling, I just gambled the gambling money they had given me. Now I hope I’m done cause I haven’t won a damn thing this year. I was lucky last year, surely isn’t this year. I’ve lost hundreds of dollars since the year started so I really need to stay away from gambling. This was the last fun for a while as it was my Bday.

I got home it was around 10:30 pm last night so that was another late night for me. I watched a few shows and went to bed. I feel I’ve been too busy for the past few days. I was meant to do a mystery shop today but had to cancel it cause it’s storming out there. My second and third client cancelled this morning but I still went out with my first one. It was terrible! The roads were already bad this morning. It was grocery day for me today but I wasn’t sure about it anymore but I still went in the end. I also went to the pharmacy to grab my pills and that was it. Now I need to wait and see if I can reschedule the shop cause I’m not going back on the roads today.

I called the funeral home to settle things for my big bro’s tombstone but the girl wasn’t there so I need to wait an hour and call back. I think I’m pretty much done with catching up with all the things I had to get done this week. I still need to get other things done but that will have to wait next week.

I’d like to put away the laundry right now but I can’t cause hub is sleeping. I should really take advantage of this time off (paid) and get some work done in the house but I just don’t feel like doing any of it. My kitchen’s floor is so very dirty and needs to be wash but I couldn’t care less right now. I’m actually fighting myself not to go to bed. I will try my hardest to stay up all day and go to bed at a decent time tonight.

Well, I hadn’t realized that The Voice had started so I will be catching up on that right now.




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