You may associate white

with beauty or purity

All I see is what looks empty

like a page or a canvass

for a writer or a painter


You may think red is too bold

Some associate it with blood

So what?

What if I tell you it’s my namesake?

Besides, it reminds me of a cherry or a strawberry cake


So black is always dark,

a sign of some evil sparks?

Come on, don’t be like that!

It can be a solid outline

or a fashion statement,

perfect for every time

and even every one


What’s up with blue?

Are you sad or just true?

A royal blood, but is that really you?

Wear that all you want

You look just elegant


How about yellow?

That colour doesn’t look mellow

Why hate the Oriental glow,

when you know how far they will go?

Learn from them

You shall grow


There’s nothing wrong with pink

Okay, maybe it’s not really my thing

It’s that awesome woman who can really sing


or the strawberry milkshake I’d like to drink


I don’t mind purple

It doesn’t represent trouble

Isn’t it wonderful

if we start appreciating all colours

as nothing but equal?


I also love orange

Don’t wince

It reminds me of the fruit

full of vitamin C

which makes you healthy


Let’s go green

Where have you been?

It’s a beautiful scene

the loveliest you’ve ever seen

It should be the earth we live in

so don’t be mean


What’s wrong with brown?

Nothing, so what’s with the frown?

Stop treating my complexion

like dirt on the ground

Like I’ve said, I need no whitening cream

Your racist remarks make me want to scream


Sometimes it’s okay

if you feel like wearing grey

Let bits of that in your dark hair

Why should they care?

It’s natural to age with grace


Who are we to decide

which colours that serve more rights?

Shed some light

Allow something dark

All colours are part of this life…



(Jakarta, February 3, 2018 – 11:11 am)

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