Day 01: Build A Home

I built a new home for the three plants I’m taking care of. It was fun collecting the necessary items. I climbed up and down huge rocks and jumped on stones to get to the other side of the man-made river. This was to collect the sand. Then, for the gravel, I scavenged for tiny rocks near the edge of the bank. This was during my daily run; well, it’s not really daily since I run 3 days a week. 

When I got back, I took out a wooden chopstick and my mini scissors along with a piece of napkin. I placed it on the small wooden table in the living room. I was ready to move the plants. 

Pulling out the plants without ripping the roots were hard. I pushed it away for way too long so the roots grew into the gravel. When I heard them rip, I cried internally. I kept them for two weeks. I grew very attached to them. Only one out of the three was safe. 

Tomorrow I have to find little bugs to help decompose some of the dead leaves I scattered on the soil.

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