Day 731 to 739 – Lots happened

Wednesday, March 7, 2017

Looks like I’m following a motif of nine days, haha. 

In these past nine days, quite a bit happened.

I went on a skiing trip at this super big fancy mountain place (wow, such a good description, haha) and it was so fun! We went there in the past, but didn’t ski, only visited the shops. However, it took more than an hour to go down the mountain, because the top would go into the clouds. The one we go to near where we live takes less than twenty minutes. But this one was a lot of fun. It was funny too, because none of us fell yet, and my brother mentioned it on our way up. Then, my dad said he jynxed us. On that run, we all fell once. After passing an injured person in an ambulance (I hope they’re okay), I fell and had my skiis in quite the ankle hurting situation. I kept telling, almost yelling at my dad to hurry up and help me take my skis off. While doing this, a guy in pale green came behind me and just looked at me. He didn’t say anything. I’m not sure if he was going to try to help, but didn’t, or if he was checking to make sure I was okay. Either way it was weird, because he was dead silent. Or maybe I just didn’t hear him.

Afterwards, I stopped skiing and once my brother and dad stopped as well, we all went out with my mom to check out the shops and eat. There was an art store, and although there was some good art in there, a lot had terrible proportions. Sorry, but that hare was way too fat.

Once we came back home, my mom found out I got a call from a counselor at my school. I called him back and he explained the art and culture specialisation program I was in for my diploma didn’t accept my summer job as a co-op, so I have to do one. I mentioned a game store that would be fun to work at, and he stopped by the store to get a meeting with the head manager. He called me back afterwards to tell me. He’s really good at his job. Anyhow, afterwards I realized how much more I have to do on top of my portfolio. That’s when my mom came into my room while I was fixing up my resume and asked me about it. She said it’s probably better if I don’t submit my portfolio and settle for the pre-program. That was something I had on my mind for a while, because of so many different reasons. The first was because I’ve spent so much time perfecting some samples, I was running out of time. My portfolio is supposed to be submitted this week, so it would be rushed. I became sick on top of that which made it harder to complete (after my last entry I got sick again). I would also look at my art and even though I’m confident I can make something out of it, I don’t feel as if I’m anywhere near ready. I read up on it some more and saw that the first year of the animation program is hell, yet the pre-animation program helped prepare for that. It also gave the students an advantage while applying. It also helps you find out if animation is what you really wanna do. So, I decided to settle for pre-animation. I felt bad for giving up on something I’ve been working on for a year, but it’s truly for the best. Now, I’m free of such a stressful thing that has caused me to go into states of depression. I now have an extra year to work on it and classes specifically for it. I’m officially settled for college!

Other than that, I’ve been writing a lot for my English class, because a poetry anthology is due tomorrow, and I’m gonna be starting my art project, which I have to complete Friday. So I have a couple of days. I haven’t worked on my programming class for weeks now, because I’ve been busy with writer’s craft, so during March break I’ll be doing almost nothing but programming.

In terms of future plans, I want to get back into exercise. I’ve come across a lot of weight related videos and I’ve been more focused on fashion as of late. I absolutely love oversized hoodies or sweaters on slim people, but the problem with me, is that I’m not slim. In other words, big/oversized clothing is still slightly larger on me, but also fits me normally. I’m not big, but not slim either. I just need to firm up and lose a bit of weight. Although I can discipline myself to have a healthier diet (in the confines of what my parents cook for us, but what they make is generally okay in terms of healthy—the most I can do is stop snacking and replace desserts with fruits), the problem with me and exercise, is that it’s not fun. I can’t motivate myself to do it, because I find it boring. I absolutely love the feeling of a good workout, but hate the mundane staring at a wall while running. I’m surprised by this, because I can sit down in a bus for eight hours, listening to music and staring out the window, daydreaming. So I would think running would be the same thing. However, because I’m exercising, my mind goes to how I’m running out of breath, getting more tired, etc. So I need something fun. I thought of skateboarding, something I’ve always wanted to try, but that can focus too much on one leg. I still want to do it, but I needed to find a different primary source of exercise, something fun. Then it hit me; biking! I love biking, because my dad would bring us out to do it all the time. The only reason I avoided it, was because of bike trails. So I’m gonna ask my dad where’s an easy place to go to every day and bike without worry of constant crossing the street and such. I think my neighbourhood is perfect for that, but there’s this one trail that has an amazing view that we’d drive to, but not sure if it’s nearby. I’ll ask. The only problem with this, is that it’s winter. It is warming up here and there, but what about next winter? How will I exercise? One step at the time though, I guess.

That’s all for today.

PS : My writing is pretty weird today, so sorry about that.

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  1. Yeah, that’s one way I could do it 🙂
    I also started two 30 day challenges to get me into the habit

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