good night sleep? NEVER!

i finally got my results!!  well let me just put it this way they weren’t what i wanted but they were what i expected, only one subject let me down, problem is that this is the subject that i really wanted to get an A* in instead i have to deal with an A. i am not complaining an A is good but an A* would’ve been awesome! now i have to live through my families comments! for 3 years i have been living my life in a competition against my best friend! yes as odd as it sound my freaking best friend, my parents always seen to compare me with her i still didn’t ask her about her results but i have a feeling that she will score an A* and that my parents wont let me live without reminding me of her being better than me! well, anyways now that i got my results and they are good i can get accepted into medical school in my country which is great!!  i am so tired tho of thinking and university and all this crap! i feel like i am never gonna have a good nights sleep!

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