Saw the Drug Dr. the other day. We are starting to remove on of them and I can play with the other. I haven’t slept well…could be many reasons. Started to shift from PM to AM on the one that might be keeping me awake that the other offset all those yrs. ago. Just taking half of what was not much to begin with is noticeable. I don’t feel do drugged! I worked yesterday without the whole dose and it was nice, it will help. Of course I don’t eat well and have to much sugar and I know that also effects my sleep. I don’t go to the regular dr. and I don’t know if there could be something else going on. Can’t say I care but again it could have an effect. My new work cycle starts Saturday and it will be good time for playing with the meds as it will less stressful for me. I have till June and I won’t hold on to what i have now as someone higher could take it from me. You would think being 99 of 1920+folks I wouldn’t have to worry… don’t do that, I would be disappointed. I’ve made all the appointments for the car and I seem to be current. I’m not able to focus to give you stories…not sure why. No it’s not the drugs…..Thanks

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