You like that title don’t you? I changed it after I wrote the last part of this entry.

Today I’m at about a three on arm pain but a five on nausea. My arm is not too bad. I still can’t straighten in out all the way, but it feels like it’s getting better. I did not take any sort of medication last night. I figured I’d only use it if it was completely necessary. 

I think I’m in love with Asiago cheese. It has lots of calcium it, and it’s great with some mushrooms on it. I’m thinking about cheese already this morning. My body has been craving cheeses (calcium) for quite some time now, so it’s nothing new. I just pay more attention when I eat now so that I don’t overdo it with dangerous elements (like sodium) just to eat something that has elements that I need (like calcium and protein).  I heard that broccoli has a lot of calcium in it, too, so maybe I’ll give myself a broccoli and cheddar treat later. 

I woke up early because I have to do some stuff at the post office. I’ll be taking a bike ride there, and then I’ll be trying to get this car up and running. I might be tempted to fool with the car first. I don’t know. I think I’m about tired of not being able to drive now. Time to get ‘er done. 

I tell you one thing. I’m tired of having to hear other people have sex. It’s disgusting, and I can’t wait until I can fix my financial profile enough to get out of here and get my own space where I don’t have to be surrounded by sin. I mean, there will still be sin in the world, but I’ll have my own space where I can decide what goes on there. 

Usually, it’s cool here. Usually, no one is next to me, but they let a couple with a baby move in next to me a few days ago. These nasty buzzards just let their baby sit there and cry so that they can be unholy and whatnot. Not that I’ve never had sex before, but it was always for a good reason, lol, not just to do it. Mainly it was just to create life. If we could make babies without having sex, and it was godly to do it that way, I probably would never do it at all. I can do without it and always could.

It must be about the fifth year now that I’ve done without it. Honestly, yeah, the last time I was actually with someone was probably in March of 2013. Maybe it was March of 2014.  We’ll just say it was 2014 to be on the safe side. So I’ve got a solid four years at least. I haven’t been with anyone since, we’ll call him Mr. Smooth, and I don’t miss sex at all since it was never about that for me. I guess I miss the companionship that Mr. Smooth offered, but I don’t miss his lies or deception.

Mr. Smooth broke my heart, and I broke a few Scriptural laws to be with him. I won’t be doing that again for anybody. 

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