He was quiet this morning when he first  got up which is normal.  He’s gotten more and more talkative.  He was chattering like a magpie earlier, before we had sex.  He actually had an orgasm, two in a row (once last night and once this morning.  I peaked at his phone and he never responded to the bitch’s profession of being pregnant.  Maybe that drove a wedge so far between them he’ll drop her like a hot potato.  But I doubt the silence will last long.  Besides I don’t know that he maybe didn’t call her.  I didn’t think to look at his call logs but then again he can erase it.  Apparently he doesn’t realize it stays on his phone in several places.  I didn’t have the time to check all the way through the call logs.  Although I doubt he even called her.  He doesn’t do phone calls unless he has to.

I want to put him out but I just don’t have the heart for it.  I know we’ll have a fight and he’ll refuse to leave and tell me how much he likes what we have…he loves sex with me.  He tells me we are a perfect fit.  It does really feel great.

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