Sugar Daddy?

 So at this point in the semester, I just want to drop out and get a sugar daddy and live the life but unfortunately, I have to finish school even though it is very tempting. school is so dumb it really is I hate almost everyone there because they are fake, all I want to do is overdose on some Tylenol, cuz they all give me headaches. I hate dealing with other peoples shit, they surround themselves in situations and drama and I stay around because I think they are my friend and it always turns around in my face making me look dumb as shit. It honestly makes me mad and I just want to mind my own business but everyone seems to be interested in it. I don’t get it why can’t people don’t just mind their own business, life would just be a lot simpler. Fuck this I’m about to go on a sugar daddy app and solve my problems, money does buy happiness. I’m kidding I can’t even get an app I’m not eighteen yet… but when I am I’m going to be problem free, Lmfao I wish.I would kiss some wrinkle guy for a couple hundred thousand dollars I mean who wouldn’t shit my morals are so off I would do other shit too smfh I need to go back to church.

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