time waits for no one

an no it won’t wait for me-TRS

everyday we face battles, just depends how you lead your army into battle. your emotions

this always seems to be easier said than done.

my heart is pulling me south while my head is pulling me north.
so which one is right…both are, if you just ask the right questions i guess.

they say money is the root of all evil, but it brings a sense of security.

the ability to learn, and grow in a career i never once thought of… me working as a dental assistant…? who the hell would of thought.. it’s scary to be in a field where you literally don’t know the first damn thing about.

what if I’m not good at it, what if i don’t get it and it doesn’t click. then what. I fail.

I guess I’m repressing it so much because I’m scared. what else is new.

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