I bet this topic has been covered by many writers already. Maybe I have written about this too in the past.

How does it feel to meet people you haven’t seen in ages? Have you noticed any changes? How much do you like what you’ve seen so far?

As usual, the answers may vary. Some feel so happy, because they’ve been good friends for a long time. They may stay in touch for once in a while, although the time, space, and schedules often hinder the meet-up.

These days, social media helps you to stay in touch with many of them, no matter how far you are from each other. However, it’s still not good enough to some people. You still have to meet face-to-face. Spend some quality time together, in the same place.

Changes are inevitable, no matter how small and insignificant they seem to be. Grey hair is one example – and there are still many others too.

You could have been the most socially-awkward kid in school and thought nobody would ever love you for you. Years after that, who knew? You met your soulmate and things started looking up for you.

It’s never about luck and what you should do or not (or in this case, have done.) Whatever it was, surely you had done your best. You can only do so and that’s all.

As cliche as this sounds, I still believe in “Let God do the rest”.

Some friends stay close and in touch despite the years have gone by. Some reconnect and pick up where they’ve left off.

Meanwhile, others have simply drifted apart. Sometimes it’s not always after a nasty fight or some years-old grudges one or another refuses to let go.

Sometimes, it is what it is. Different lives, different interests. Different priorities and goals. No more things in common.

A bitter cynic I once knew claimed: “You’re not a real friend if you’ve never made an effort to meet up. In fact, you’ve never really been.”

Is it that simple and easy? Everyone has their reasons. I believe that as long as you try your best to remain kind to others, you will not have to have such awful thoughts in your head.

Then again, we’ve all grown up. (Well, hopefully.) Drama is more interesting in fiction. Let’s not take everything way too personally.

Most importantly, let’s keep praying for each other’s well-being.


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