Wednesday March 7th

I worked really steadily all day today- no pinterest or journaling breaks. I have got to start doing that as the norm if I am going to be successful with this class and coaching track and keeping up with my job. I have somewhat of a handle on how the next couple of weeks are going to go with my 6th grade, so that helps. The 7th grade, I’m making up day by day. The last two days have actually gone pretty well, and I have a good idea as to what I’m going to do with them tomorrow. After that, not so much. They need guided instruction for the whole period in order for them to work. If you give them something to do independently, they just do nothing. OMG, I am counting down the days until I am done with 7th grade. I have the ability to have my principal certification by next summer. I will definitely watch for jobs like a hawk. If I get to have all 6th grade next year, I should be able to have a decent time of it, so I won’t be freaking out if I have to stay another year. I am just going to keep going until my 55th birthday. I can do it. 

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