taking time to calm down from the heat we started helped to clear our minds and come back to it. Glad to say it worked out and are working towards a brighter tomorrow, one with compromise, compassion and understanding.
I still kind of feel the “symptoms” of depression to a degree and honestly, never wanted to be diagnosed with it (avoided doctors for quite some time) and all I can think is, what if I am…would medicating actually help? I’ve seen people on and off and it looks like quite the roller coaster.
I’ve been in this world for a good handful of years and have dealt with these feelings accordingly to the fortune of seeing another day but there are days where it gets the best of me and I feel so out of place, out of body and out of mind.
Maybe it’s best that I do get myself checked…what do you think?

Question of the day:
Have you felt like you may be suffering the symptoms of a “disorder” or “irregularity” but seeing how the outside world treats it, you kinda feel reluctant to face that truth?
What do you do to overcome it or what did you do to get the courage to confront it? 

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