[215] ~*Fri – 03/09/18*~

[9:39 pm]

I feel sad tonight. No real reason, just how I feel. I almost asked hub to stay home.

This damn mucus really gotta go. I thought it was finally getting better as I didn’t have much problem with it for the past two days but I’m surely having trouble tonight. I coughed-puked some but it felt as if nothing came out, the ball was still there being a pain in my throat.

Nothing much happened today. I worked all day and I now have a headache. I’m also tired. I have another show to watch to be all caught up but I think it will wait tomorrow. I need to do the dishes and feed the suggies so I think it’s what I’ll be doing right now and then I’ll be heading to bed. I’m not sure if I’ll even have the energy to read but I will try.




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