I’ve decided to start keeping a journal for a few key reasons; 

a) I’ve just quit smoking and I could do with a distraction and look forward to reading this journal a few months down the track when I’m (hopefully) still smoke free! 

b) My grammar and spelling is shocking so I’m hoping this will help me improve it! 

c) In two weeks time I’m moving to London to start my dream job as a paramedic and I want to remember every minute of it and hope that I’ll be able to share my experiences and thoughts with family and friends someday through this journal. 

With these in mind, I haven’t 100% decided whether to keep this journal public or private yet. I’d like to think maybe my journal will contain profound epiphanies and help other people in similar situations but I’m also pretty sure it won’t because I’m just not a very deep person. 

Enough of the chit chat, tomorrow is the mark of another smoke free day so for now I’ll leave my piece here and tomorrow I’ll write about all the positives and negatives of the first few days of being smoke free. 


(Looks like I chose public because I guess I have nothing to hide and look forward to reading other people’s journals!)

2 thoughts on “Introduction”

  1. Hi
    congratulations on your quit.
    I have been smoke free for Almost 6 months after 12 years of heavy smoking. I know how you feel.
    It certainly gets better! You’ve made the right choice. Also checkout
    There are many helpful people out there who are also trying to quit or have quit.
    Good luck!

  2. Thank you Maya!! I will absolutely have a look- all the best with your quit journey and congratulations!!

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