new one

I got a chance to peek at his phone and his call log.  He didn’t respond or react to the bitch telling him she was pregnant.  I did find however a woman named Darlene called him at 1130 last night.  I guess I’m just not making him happy.  He claims he is and he likes what we have but why do all these women keep contacting him.  I’ve determined that he’s opened up a new AFF account so he  can troll around for new women.  God its so damned insulting that he keeps contacting new women when he isn’t happy with me.  Why doesn’t he just leave and go stay with one of them or a friend instead of using me.  My heart is so broken hearted….hell I’m just broken up period.  I’ll never trust anyone again.  Especially a man.  He keeps telling me that he’s   quit looking and stopped gong on AFF, that I’m the only one in his life.  I don’t understand why I think he’s lying.  He’s never given me a reason to doubt anything he tells me. When he touches me it’s a whole different story, I trust him implicitly.   I can’t help but wonder how a man feels about a woman he’s having sex with…a woman that makes him come and whom he makes come.  Does it make him feel the need to be monogamous like it does a woman?  I wish I knew.  Maybe some day I’ll find out. 

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