I’m often told that I’m a bit much

And sure, I get it

Except, I don’t actually.

I find that though I fail to resolve my own problems-

I continuously fuck shit up and treat myself like utter shit

repeating time and time again the same age-old fuck ups I always have..

No matter what, I’ve always been the lookout

Sure, I can see my own future clear as day

and yes, Jan, I understand that it seems as though I’m

fucking literally everyfuckingthingup,

I need you to understand that I’m living in a spectrum

Way beyond your years

I see with clarity.

I’m neither positive nor negative

I’m realist as shit, with a shred of hope and a tap of wistful wise bitterness..

I didn’t want to understand people,

for all fucking intensive purposes, I could care less..

Except that I couldn’t.

So here I am, telling you my shit opinion,

hoping you will take it into account..

Because if I’ve ever tried to give you advice on your life or yourself…

It is something I’ve been dying to face myself, in many ways..

I don’t lower my walls, I don’t…

But if you look hard enough,

My care for you,

reflects the care

I’m needing






If that even makes sense?

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