We are the Temple of the Lord

We, The Lord Temple.
It is somewhat a challenge, that the Lord God, consider us, as his Temple. His spirit dwells in us, and we have to acknowledge his presence. We know, that a Temple is a place of worship, and it can also be a place where the king takes his abode. We are made in his image, and in us, we have all the gene of being Him. But there are requisites to follow it before God will fully acknowledge us as his true son. We are human, and we are vulnerable to temptation. If we will cave in and became powerless against the devil, it will make us unqualified to be accepted as his temple. Repent and you will be saved. We are surrounded by so many evil, like a predator, they are waiting for your weakness, and once it comes, they will rush right away and devour us. Evils can dressed as women, and like a fruit in the Garden of Eden, they will invite us, and seduce us with her deliciousness, and if you are persuaded, the temptation will become a sin.

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