[216.1] ~*Sat – 03/10/18*~

[10:46 pm]

I just want to be done. I was brushing my teeth and I had to puke up some more mucus. I’m drained, my throat is on fire and still full of fucking mucus. I don’t know how long I’ll be able to handle this. It’s really starting to be too much. I just want to be better. I hope all this torture is not for nothing and that I will finally be better after I’m done taking these pills. This is just not normal anymore. I’ve never had this before. It’s gonna be three months very soon that I’ve been dealing with this mucus and it really doesn’t seem to want to leave. When I puke some, I can feel that there is more but deeper and I need to bring it up to puke it but it’s too much work. If I’d keep working it up like I’d want too I’m sure I’d end up making myself pass out cause I see stars every time I puke mucus. Maybe I should do it till I pass out so then I’d go to the hospital and they may do something more than give me stuff to take. I for sure have an infection at this point but how serious, I’m not sure but I’m getting scared.

Anyways, I’m so drained but I still want to read a lil before I sleep so I should get to that since with the change of time it’s basically midnight right now.




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