Day two without cigarettes!

Thanks to a busy day I’m pleased to say I’m still a non-smoker at present. Although it’s still super early I couldn’t be prouder, especially because I’ve decided to quit cold- turkey, who knew I had such strong willpower?? 

It hasn’t been an easy day by any means, but after doing a bit of research on how the next few days will be as my body has depleted it’s nictotine by/products complete and begins to crave more I have to say I am nervous, but the feeling of pride and strength I have right now has to see my through. 

Tic- Tacs are life 



2 thoughts on “Day two without cigarettes!”

  1. Congratulations Ausland! 2 days is awesome.
    You’re doing great! You never know how strong you are until you try quitting nicotine. First 3 days can be hard as you’ve already researched. It gradually gets better. Hang in there! You can do it.
    Good luck again. 🙂

  2. Thank you Maya!! Sorry for the late reply- I’ve made it to day 5!! Compared to previous quit attempts where I’ve used patches, lozenges or champix this time feels super different because I’m not taking any replacement therapy! Let’s just hope this time I can go the long haul

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