Good Day

Today was such a good day, not only did I have fun in carving class today but I got to take my son out in his new car. He has always wanted a Camaro, and we bought him one thinking it might motivate him to want to get his license. He is 19 years old and has never wanted them due to a football friend that was killed in a car accident, he has just been very nervous about getting them. Well beings the car has set here almost a month and he has never ridden in it, (It being a 1996 mint condition classic Camaro, a Show car) I figured well if I get him in it he will be ready to drive it. It’s a beautiful convertible and beings Indiana is still to cold to ride around with the top down, we still took it out. But we did leave the top up lol. But I think it worked. He wants to know when I can take him to a parking lot to get the basic feel of the car to start driving it. I told him as soon as he gets his permit. I guess we are going this week to finally get that permit lol.

God Is Good!!! 

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