(Sometimes the people we love the most hurt us the most, they want the best for us and anything less than that will be a disappointment to them usually there is so little we can do but i guess we have to keep in mind that they are doing it out of love for us.)

Today was kind of a good day, my mothers friends had a gathering we were invited to dinner at one of their houses. It was really nice my mother got me a cake for getting good results although i know she is disappointed in the result of one subject’s result but there is really nothing i can do i really did try my best. All the women were so happy for me i recieved many hugs and kisses and we danced a lot! But, the thing is that i know my mum wasnt really happy for that i wasnt so cheerful in the gathering! my mother always seem t compare me with my best friend for she is really good in her studies so as usual my mother will not let me enjoy the fact that i did really really well in all my exams even the one result she isnt happy with is a A she wanted an A*! i mean come on A isnt so bad in fact it really good but what can i say or do! i know she s probably doing that cause she wants whats best for me. i wish i was able to get the results she wanted, now there isnt really much i can do except wait until  this waves subsides!! 

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