He finally got out of bed.  And I broke a lamp putting up the air mattress because he messed the damned bed again. I always hate when he first gets up because he’s such a cold ass bastard.

He told me last night he wanted me all to himself.   I told him to be careful saying that because I expected the same from him…. That I’m selfish and didn’t want to share either.  Besides he’ll just tell me later that I misunderstood what he said. 

He’s up so I came outside to let him be alone. 

I’ve discovered  that the more sullen I act and get the more  affectionate he gets.  What does that mean?  That maybe he’s afraid he’s going to lose me?

Another room came open this morning.  I told Ian about it and reminded him of the fact that he told me when we first started seeing each other that he didn’t want to live with me any longer than he had to?  He’s not budging.  I don’t want to have to do this the hard way.  I would rather he just left and left me to my own devices.  I’ve got plenty of offers of one night stands.  I know it won’t replace him but at least I’ll have the sex.

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