Let the Funk Out

Today was a much better day than yesterday was. Man, I was just so tired of the crazymaking:

“OMG, your major organs aren’t working right! You’re really sick, and we understand why you’re so offended. That was so heinous what the ER doc did!”

A few weeks later: “Who are you again? Oh yeah. Edema girl. Oh, did we tell you you were sick? Oh, no, no, no, you’re not sick. Uh-uh. No, we don’t see anything…but…can you go take these tests now?”

Week later: “We have your test results…you can…come see us in…uh…one month…no…wait…two months…no…wait…maybe we’ll tell you next year. No. Wait. You’re fine. We don’t see anything.”

“We don’t see anything either. Nope. Nothing. Abnormal? No, see, that’s just a code word for ‘You’re fine.'”

I don’t know what happened, but they made a complete fool out of me, which was really messed up because I wrote everything down. So then I had information on my page that was based on their original diagnosis, and when they reneged, it just looked like I was lying about my whole experience. I had already lost one friend/supporter because of this.

I guess I was so hell-bent on trying to prove that I was really sick (which I was/am) because I wanted that person to at least know that I would NEVER make up an illness for ANY reason or waste time and money in a hospital if I wasn’t ill. It’s not that I WANTED to have an illness. It’s was that I knew that I DID, and I didn’t like being accused of lying. Well…they fixed my little red wagon, didn’t they? I still look like a liar anyway.

I’m a couple pounds heavier today. I’m 135 today. I had gone all the way down to 131, but that reversed after I took the anti-inflammatory drug.

My urine still looks like beer, and I’m really tired. The arm situation is kind of hard to explain now. The pain isn’t as spread out as it was let’s say last week or the week before. However, I can see and feel a long bulge, and it hurts. I’m not sure if I’d call it a vein or a tendon or what, but part of it is in the crease of the inside of my arm, and it still hurts enough to prevent me from bending it.

I had a wonderful day today despite all that. Every Shabbat, I get to sort of “leave” this world and spend time with my Bible, my Master, and my teacher(s). I just found out today that there are many people like me who only fellowship online because of a lack of people in the area with similar beliefs and interests. I’d love to assemble, but there isn’t anyone thus far who follows the same doctrine that I follow, which is just the Bible. No extra stuff, no imposter Messiahs, and no dirt in the mix.

Anyway, all I needed was a good hour with the Master, and all the spiritual funk that tried to attach itself to me during the week just fell off. Hmm, I wonder if I used the name “Funk” because of all spiritual funk that hovers around every day.

I’m waiting for dark so that I can get some cheese and mushrooms. I’m hungry  for cheese. Tomorrow I’m going to try to resolve the car issue. Next, I’m going to try the upstream o2 sensor. I vaguely remember that I had trouble disconnecting it to move the wiring harness, so I asked this man to do it. He got it apart, but he had to be really rough, and I’m wondering if it got damaged in the process. Maybe I didn’t reconnect it tightly enough. Wouldn’t that be nice if I just had to tighten it or clip it in better?

If it isn’t that, then I’m going to start looking at putting new spark plugs in it. After that…I don’t know. I’ll re-inspect for holes in hoses and whatnot. It could be the ignition switch, too. Strong possibility. See how this could be never-ending without using a computer on it? Lol, I might rebuild the whole car before I figure out what was causing that annoying symptom. I have to admit that I like changing out stuff, though. A lot.

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