Room B100


Everyones experience was different, however mine was less than memorable. I struggled in class, with friends, work, mentally and well just life in general. It’s an awkward time no one likes to talk about. Legally you’re an adult and have the responsibilities of one but still being bossed around like a kid. It’s a load of shit. If you’re going to pull that bullshit change the adult age to 19 or 21. Promise, you’ll have less kids like myself causing a riot in class, calling you out on that bullshit. 

because high school was a shit show of mental distress, frustrations and disappointments, I was placed in  the Behavioral and Emotional Support Room. Sounds like hell right?  

Quiet the contrary my dear friend, this room was my saving grace throughout high school. And the first eye opener for getting help and helping myself. For more reasons than I care to share but here’s an over drawn out story of how it is still relevant today. 

My case manager, we called her Mick, well lets just say I’m 22 and I still call her and talk to her, sometimes to catchup… sometimes because I’m having a crisis. Then there was P- P wasn’t a teacher or case worker she was just an aid to help out in classes, her office happened to be in our room- SCORE. 

Mick and P were kinda a tag team, package deal ya see if you went to Mick for something and she gave you tough love… naturally you find P to give you the answer you wanted to hear… or vise vera. It’s kinda like how when you were a kid you’d pin your mom and dad against each so you could get what you wanted? Yeah same deal here. We were all trying to get away with stuff without having to actually do anything.  Which rarely ever worked..  Mick and P would always say “You can’t rob Peter to pay Paul”. Which typically meant you can’t come here during English to do your History homework for next period you didn’t do last night. 

Or  more often than not, if you were in a crap situation we often were asked by Mick and P themselves what would Mick & P do? 

Like I said I’m now 22, and I still ask myself that question at times. Because at the end of the day, they were always right, and they always put things in a true, realistic perspective. They taught me so much, and perspective is everything, if you have an optimistic out look, life’s going be more enjoyable. But if you step in shit along the way, don’t forget to laugh. because life’s too short. 

So moral of the story that applies in life right now: 

You can’t rob Peter to pay Paul– You can’t expect money to make you happy, and you can’t expect a man to make you happy. Each individually should enhance you’re happiness not be the root of it.

What Would Mick and P Do? – Do I push through this scary part of a new job and new career and pass up this opportunity? Or stay where I’m kinda comfortable,love my crappy paying job, close to my horse and close to MD?  – still figuring this one out. 

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