i had a quiz and viva of my assignment yesterday. we were sitting in lab we had to take quiz in, i was looking at my notes and some of my class fellows were making noise. the lab assistant got up and told us to stop,they ddint listen to him and he goes,”cant y’all hear me?” and my class fellows go,”NOO!!” hahaha, it was epic! he got soo furious and told us to get out of lab right away, when he told us to leave, i came back to earth from my notes and he was telling to leave but no one,no one!! moved even an inch from their seat and he then stormed out and told our instructor that we can only sit in the lab when we give him written apology lolol. we all laughed, poor him, his cheeks turned red. then we got a little lecture from the instructor. 

after taking quiz and viva, i ran to ITC to check for my ID card, it was printed yet and they told me to come back at 3 or 3:30. i had lab from 1-4. we had 3 tasks and sir was evaluating. i did them so fast and got them checked then i ran to itc, my legs were hurting so bad and they had left!!! great!! so,i’ll have to go to faculty gate again, :-///. 

and 2 of my friends, i have a group of 5 in uni, are engaged and they haven’t told even told us!! i knew they were and i told my sister but she was saying no they aren’t, yesterday my friend told us smth and my sister looked at me and i was like ,”told ya”. i will go one step ahead and wont even tell anyone about my wedding let alone engagement. 

RN i’m looking at slides a friend shared with me to edit. thinking what to write in it. 

I don’t know how things will turn out but i have decided to do things gracefully. i hope so. 

gotta go.

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