You Can’t Rob Peter to Pay Paul

You can’t take happiness from someone or something, its simply created.

The more “objects” you find to “fill” your voids will only make you more and more empty. 

Conquering  fears is a task. Best Believe it. 

Today I saw Charlie throw a little girl, he was excited. He is a good boy, and she was a just a little thing, learning to ride same as me. He’s got spunk. She was ohkay just shook. 
When I went to tack him up I was cautious.

We went outside today to trot the track a little…and when I say a little I mean I was still on the kiddie leash. This is day 2 so I’m giving myself a pass here. He was great. I was apprehensive questioning his every movement. However at the end of the session, he nuzzled me. His big- ole- head was under my arm. He was close to me, as if he was saying “don’t be afraid, please trust me.”

An over whelming sense of my pop-pop came rushing over me.
This made me smile. 

I’m starting to trust not only horses but humans too. 
This is me making progress. 

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